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Leadership Programme

Are these challenges familiar?

Disengaged teams

Uneven commitment

Good ideas not going anywhere

Conflicting agendas

Power play

To overcome these challenges, choose our programme to build a participative culture that fosters innovation, and propels your organisation towards successful outcomes.

The Technology of Participation (ToP™) Facilitative Leadership Program
equips your people with the skills and know-how to:

Build trust, and foster a sense of collective ownership

Be more confident working in bicultural and co-governance spaces

Use the power of authentic participation to foster a culture of commitment

Leverage diverse perspectives for greater innovation

Structure sessions that engender the flow of ideas and generate innovation

Navigate power dynamics by fostering open dialogue, to build connections, overcome conflicts and achieve consensus

Create meaningful action and achieve tangible results

Embrace the power of facilitative leadership to unlock your organisation’s full potential.

Our training programme can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

In choosing our programme you can expect:

Expert trainers who role-model authentic participation, ethical and indigenous-informed facilitation and leadership practice

A highly interactive and experiential learning environment that builds capability and enhances performance

Cultural awareness to equip you to facilitate effectively and sensitively in Aotearoa – New Zealand’s cultural contexts

Practice opportunities with in-depth feedback, and post-course mentoring

The opportunity to receive an internationally recognised Certification in Facilitation

ToP™ Facilitative Leadership Program


Up to 17 days

Face to face, online or combination

If you choose the full programme, it will include six learning areas delivered over a timeframe of your choice. Each is a 2-3 day course. A globally recognised certification programme is also available.

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Other Popular Packages

Facilitating Effective Catchment Groups


3 full days + 2x 1.5hr online sessions

Face to face & online

Gain facilitative leadership skills to navigate the cultural dimensions, complexities, and conflict that come hand-in-hand with land and water challenges. Facilitative leaders, who actively foster the leadership of others, help set groups up for success in the long term.

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Coaching Conversations


6 x 2 hour sessions

Online only

This hands-on course equips your people with one-to-one coaching skills to transform workplace performance and productivity with coaching approaches that reflect the philosophy of facilitative leadership in an Aotearoa-New Zealand context.

Stakeholder Engagement


2 Full days

Face to face or online

This course will provide you with the know-how to effectively plan for public and stakeholder engagement, along with introductory facilitation skills to run effective engagement events.

Tailored Training

Looking for something else?

Hands-on, interactive courses that build real skills are our speciality. Tell us about your needs and content, and we’ll use our instructional design skills to create a bespoke offering for your team either online or face-to-face.

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers”

– Ralph Nader

What our clients have said

“I feel way more confident now in my ability to coach others. Even in my personal conversations some of the tips and tools have already been useful and I am excited to use some of the heartier tools with our team in the future!”

“Culture changing. Has great potential to influence an organisation’s culture to the benefit of team work and our business goals”

“Fantastic training course thank you. Well run with lots of practical and useable examples. I’m looking forward to using the skills and tools I’ve learnt in the community and adding tips to how I already work. Thanks :)”

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