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Facilitation Skills

We teach facilitation skills that bring people together.

Are you sick of meetings that go nowhere?

Struggling with stakeholders pushing their own agendas?

Tired of workshops that don’t quite hit the mark?

Our courses equip you with the skills to harness the diversity of people and interests in a group to generate robust ideas, foster creativity and innovation, and ensure commitment to actions and solutions by all those involved.

Our courses have a reputation for quality and depth: they build skills rather than simply share tips.

Our courses build cultural awareness and explore Māori perspectives on facilitation and leadership to equip you to facilitate effectively and sensitively in Aotearoa – New Zealand.

In choosing us you can expect:

Qualified trainers and expert facilitators who create a fun and engaging learning environment

The opportunity to practise in a safe environment and receive in-depth feedback

Confidence to use a set of versatile, globally recognised methods that foster authentic participation with a group: Ability to apply these to problem solving, joint decision making, consultation, engagement, planning, strategising, evaluating and more

Skills you can use both face-to-face and virtually

The know-how and confidence to plan your facilitation

Awareness of Māori perspectives on facilitation and leadership

Our Flagship Courses

Begin your facilitative leadership journey starting with our flagship courses. Step 1 is to complete the Group Facilitation Methods course. 

Facilitative Leadership Program – Methods

Group Facilitation Methods

Learn skills and methods to engage your group constructively to get results that everyone owns.

Facilitative Leadership Program – Methods

Strategic Thinking & Planning

Apply the methods and skills from Course 1 to Strategic Planning with a group, including vision, realities, strategies and actions.

Become a Certified ToP™ Facilitator

Completing both Group Facilitation Methods and Strategic Thinking and Planning enables you to work toward global recognition as a Certified ToP Facilitator.

Our Advanced Courses

Continue your facilitative leadership development journey with our advanced courses. After the completion of Group Facilitation Methods you may do these in any order.

Equip yourself with the ability to build the capacity of others to create positive, sustainable futures

Complete our advanced courses in any order

Facilitative Leadership Program – Models

Working with Diverse Value Systems

Appreciate and embrace different ways of thinking, learning and communicating to the benefit of your group.

Facilitative Leadership Program – Models

Principled Influencing and Negotiating

Develop dialogue skills to bridge differences, build cooperative relationships and transform conflict in a group.

Facilitative Leadership Program – Models

Understanding and Leading Change

Understand the dimensions of change through a participatory lens. Develop your skills to co-create change.

Facilitative Leadership Program – Mindsets

Being a Facilitative Leader

Understand the principles and responsibilities of a facilitative leader, and Māori perspectives in relation to these. Create a plan for your ongoing self-development as a facilitative leader.

What our clients have said

“The training absolutely shifted the confidence in our rangatahi, by having to stand up in front of people – and quickly – you learn fast.”

“So much value in this course. This kind of skill is going to be applicable in countless aspects of our work and even personal life. Phenomenal!

“It has been invaluable, feeling much more confident that I will be able to help groups.”

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