Where did ToP come from?

Interested in where ToP came from? Passionate about human development? The Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICA-International) website has all sorts of information about current development work the ICA is involved with, as well as ToP and a catalogue of historical resources.

ToP Booklist

You can learn about ToP methods and tools from these books, available from online bookstores.  We do have limited stock on hand for purchase direct from Participatory Techniques for some limited titles. These resources are excellent whether you have access to formal training or not in these methods.

We highly recommend getting the training if at all possible.

The Art of Focussed Conversation

This book is a must have.  It contains a detailed description of the method and includes 100 sample conversations for almost every circumstance both in the workplace and home.

Author: Brian Stanfield

The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools

A similar layout to “The Art of Focused Conversation”, but with examples geared specifically towards use in schools and other institutions of formal learning, for the benefit of pupils, students, educators and parents.

Stock PTL: Yes

Author: Jo Nelson

The Workshop Book

Explores the ToP Consensus Workshop method in depth, providing background and context to the method, as well as detailed procedures and hints for each stage.

PTL Stock: Yes

Author: Brian Stanfield

Getting to the Bottom of ToP

Explore the foundational understandings of ToP and its practice. It works at two levels: as a guide to processes that elicit participation to bring insights to the surface and ensure participants collaborate to bring the resulting plans to fruition; and as a theoretical basis drawn from the field of phenomenology, exposing the philosophical foundations of the ToP methods

PTL Stock: Yes

Authors: Wayne and Jo Nelson

Transformational Strategy: Facilitation of ToP Participatory Planning

This is tried and tested practical wisdom about ToP strategy planning. It includes theory, detailed practical instructions, case studies from around the world. It introduces the ToP Strategy Planning methods and reveals the deep transformation that occurs when stakeholders engage in thinking through their situation, designing strategy and making real decisions about their own future.

Author: Bill Staples

The Facilitative Way (Leadership That Makes the Difference)

For those who are in a position of responsibility for individuals, teams, tasks and their organisations. It examines skills, techniques and methods that can help people to think and act together to make a difference. Methods covered include the Focused Conversation, Consensus Workshop and Participatory Strategic Planning, “Wall of Wonder”, “TEAMS” for effective meetings and many more.

Author: Priscilla Wilson

The Courage to Lead: Transform Self, Transform Society

Describing the internal landscape and external style needed to seriously engage in social change, this book presents twelve leadership stances which will change your life. Grounded in nearly 50 years of ICA’s in-depth research and practical experience in over thirty nations, the book offers the lived experience of leadership in a wide variety of situations.

Author: Brian Stanfield

Winning Through Participation

A textbook of Technology of Participation (ToP) methods, this book is invaluable both as an introduction to ToP methods and as a means to reinforce ToP facilitation training. Drawing on international case studies, it discusses stepby-step procedures for designing and facilitating effective participatory events.

PTL stock: Yes

Author: Laura J. Spencer

Towards an indigenous-informed facilitation practice: Questions we can ask ourselves as facilitators working with and between cultures

Looking to review your cross-cultural practices as a facilitator?

This valuable resource, developed and published by the Australasian Facilitators Network (AFN), is designed to support facilitators working with and between cultures in Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Facilitation Resources

Looking to complement your ToP methods with another tool or technique?

Here are some links to other resources we’ve found to be useful:

IAF and Session Lab

The International Association of Facilitators offers some free resources, which are hosted by Session Lab.

Zenergy Global

Zenergy are a facilitation training company based in Auckland. They have a variety of resources and books, for download or purchase.

Found a good source of facilitation tools and tips? Let us know and we can include it here.

Facilitation & Related Organistions

International Association of Facilitators

 A community of facilitators promoting the power of professional facilitation worldwide.

Australasian Facilitators Network

A generous, collegial and innovative community of facilitators.

Australasia-Pacific Extension Network

Those of you facilitating in primary industry and rural contexts may find APEN’s information and resources helpful, especially where your facilitation has a strong practice change or innovation focus.

Association for Public Participation

A useful ‘go to’ for engagement practitioners – and facilitators supporting engagement processes.

Found a good source of facilitation tools and tips? Let us know and we can include it here.

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