Group Facilitation Methods

Module 1

Group Facilitation Methods provides you with a strong grounding in the essentials of group facilitation and Māori perspectives on facilitation.

It includes instruction and hands-on practice with the core Technology of Participation™ (ToP™) methods – the Focused Conversation Method and Consensus Workshop Method. It includes the Wave Analysis and Historical Scan – versatile techniques for discussing trends over time. Participants also get useful tools for planning a facilitation session.

Upcoming Course Dates:


3 full days

This is our foundation course: it is a pre-requisite for all other ToP™ Facilitative Leadership Program courses.

Who is the course for?

People running meetings or working in project teams, involved in public consultation, stakeholder engagement, planning in groups, internal team meetings, or other situations that require a collaborative approach with others.

The course is suitable for beginning facilitators, as well as those who are more experienced who are looking to add depth to their skills, and competency with a set of robust and well tested methods.

What you can expect:

Hands-on practice and quality feedback in a safe, supportive setting

Greater confidence and skills to facilitate better meetings

Expanded awareness of Māori cultural concepts and processes relating to facilitation

A set of versatile, robust methods that you can use immediately in your workplace or community.

Upcoming Course Dates

 5 June – 7 June 2024
The Link, Hamilton


12 August – 14 August 2024
Area Events, Wellington

Limited spaces

2025 Dates
Released later in 2024

This course can be offered in-house, either virtually or face-to-face.

What our clients have said

“Excellent means of moving participants from varying points of view to a collective practical result or goal”

“Teaches very useful skills which can be applied in a range of settings and is done in a hospitable, friendly, caring way. Felt very safe.”

“… these techniques could have streamlined so many meetings and solved problems I’ve seen through work in the past.”

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