Virtual & In-Person Facilitation

Come to us when you actually want people to really engage with the subject matter and each other and get a strong enduring consensus that everyone can stand behind.

We provide independent, professional facilitation for:



Participatory Strategic planning

Technical and problem-solving workshop

Intervention logic, theory of change and process mapping

Team building and team retreats

Public and stakeholder engagement and consultation

Participatory Evaluation

Who we work with

We work with councils, iwi and hapu organisations, industry organisations, educators, government departments, companies and not-for-profits.

We work in partnership with our clients at all stages of a process

Bringing to this the underlying philosophy of the Technology of Participation (ToP™) techniques and methods both in the planning and conduct of the work.

Our promise is an expert facilitator (or team of facilitators) whose practise is grounded in the ToP™ Principles, and whom seek to uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the practice of facilitation in an indigenous-informed way

What our clients have said

"Our team now have the skills to immediately improve how we run events and to do so in a way that builds connections and understanding from the beginning."

Ariana Te Whetu, Tokona te Raki

"The strength of the facilitation process built respect for the different views and encouraged all to participate. Michelle harnessed the diversity of the committee and assisted it to reach 109 unanimous recommendations."

Peter Gawith, Chairman, Ruamahanga Whaitua Committee

“Just want to say a huge thank you for being a dream facilitation team! Some very constructive discussions and some good relationships built to move the review forward.”

Aidan Burch, MBIE

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