Certified ToP Facilitator

Gain international recognition of your competency as a ToP™ facilitator

About ToP™ Facilitator Certification

This award provides facilitators, using ToP™ methods, with an internationally recognised certification based on assessment of their competence

The Technology of Participation (ToP™) was developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA).

ICA authorises trainers and assessors to deliver ToP™ training and assess competency for certification. Participatory Techniques Ltd has this authorisation.

Why Certify?

Becoming a certified ToP™ Facilitator gives you an internationally recognised award and gives your colleagues or clients confidence that you are an effective facilitator who can meet their expectations of performance.

Certified ToP™ Facilitators (CToPF) meet a global standard for effective consensus building in strategic planning, action planning, foresight, historical reviews, dialogue and stakeholder engagement of all types.

Who is this Certification for?

Organisational development and change professionals, facilitators, extension practitioners, management consultants, trainers and coaches.

In short, anyone who recognises the power and potential for team and group effectiveness that can come from enabling authentic participation.

What you’ll gain

An internationally recognised certification based on assessment of your competence in applying ToP methods and understandings.

Evidence of your competence to share with employers, colleagues and clients.

A great start to your own business or a collaboration with others.

Respect in your own company or field.

Being part of a fast-growing, increasingly-needed 21st century profession.

Eligibility to begin your development journey as an authorised ToP™ Trainer.

How long does it take?

Most candidates take between one and two years to achieve their Certified ToP™ Facilitator award. Certified trainers support this inquiry and development of competence through pre-arranged mentoring and review sessions.

What’s involved?

Assessment Criteria

1 Design and Facilitate Using ToP Methods Effectively
2 Create a Participatory Environment
3 Evoke the Creativity of the Group
4 Orchestrate Quality Events
5 Manage Positive Client Relationships
6 Model Positive Facilitative Leadership
7 Produce Effective Results

Full details of the criteria are available in the Certified ToP Facilitator Candidate Guide.

How much does it cost?

The fee for being assessed as a CToPF is $2500 NZD, payable to Participatory Techniques Ltd.

NB: Not-for-profit / sole trader rates are available upon request

What your fees cover

Support during the portfolio creation process (quarterly check-ins between candidate and assessor)

The assessment process, interview and assessment moderation by a global ToP colleague

Recognition and links on PTL and ICAI websites

Your Next Steps

Ask for a Certified ToP Facilitator Candidate Guide

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