Working with Diverse Value Systems

Module 4

Appreciate and embrace different ways of thinking, learning and communicating to the benefit of your group

Working with Diverse Value Systems builds facilitation and leadership skills for working effectively with differences – appreciating and embracing very different ways of thinking, learning and communicating.

Learn how to harness diversity as a source of strength in a group, and tools to make the most of this. Understand what influences how people view the world, and how you, as a facilitator can recognise and respond to where a group is at, leading effective transitions and change.

Upcoming Course Dates: TBC


3 full days

Completion of ToP™ Group Facilitation Methods course here or its equivalent overseas is a prerequisite for this course

Who is the course for?

Teams managing changes in the workplace; Leaders and practitioners engaged in co-design or collaborations with diverse groups; and those implementing industry-wide and/or community programmes.

What you can expect:

New insights and perspectives on how people view the world, and a facilitator’s role in recognising their needs when facilitating change or learning

An appreciation of how diversity can be a source of strength in a group, and tools for making the most of this in a group situation

The ability, as a leader/ facilitator of process, to understand where groups are at, and lead effective transitions and change

A plan to put these key methods and understandings into practice

This course can be offered in-house, either virtually or face-to-face.

What our clients have said

The mix of different activities, styles worked well for me. Opportunities to reflect and discuss together. The humour!”

“It has provided three helpful frameworks that I can use in my own self reflection, and in understanding group dynamics, around the diverse and individual ways that we as humans see and interpret the world.”

“The course reaffirmed many of my intentions as a facilitator. Watching/ experiencing/ hearing facilitators at work! Exposed me to new frameworks/ ways of looking at facilitation opportunities.”

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