Strategic Thinking and Planning

Module 2 – 3

Apply the methods and skills from the Group Facilitation Methods course to Strategic Planning with a group, including vision, realities, strategies and actions

Strategic Thinking and Planning provides you with a highly versatile set of participatory methods that can be used singly, or together to enable your group to strategise and plan collectively, creating a clear pathway forward.

Learn participatory methods for gathering and processing information in a group. Explore Māori perspectives on strategic thinking and planning, and equip yourself to enable your group or team to:

  • Unleash their creativity and innovation in generating a vision or outcome
  • Surface and fully understand the barriers and realities standing in the way
  • Craft strategies that address these and
  • Identify practical, tangible actions that everyone owns.

Upcoming Course Dates:

20th – 22nd November 2024


3 full days

Completion of ToP™ Group Facilitation Methods course here or its equivalent overseas is a prerequisite for this course

Who is the course for?

Those involved in any type of planning, e.g. strategic planning, project planning and business planning with teams and groups where achieving full buy-in and engagement to the plan or strategy is sought.

What you can expect:

Hands on practice and quality feedback in a safe, supportive setting

Greater confidence and new tools for strategic thinking and planning with a group

Expanded awareness of Māori cultural concepts for planning and strategy

Versatile methods for gathering and making sense of information to support your strategy process.

Completion of this course counts towards the Certified ToP Facilitator award

This course can be offered in-house, either virtually or face-to-face.

What our clients have said

“The training provides great insights into participation and tools, while providing a safe and welcoming space to experience, practise and experiment”

“Provides a great set of methods for strategic planning. Provided a perspective of how traditional Māori knowledge and world views relate to strategic planning”

“WOW! It has applications in so many facets of life. General communication, work, community etc. It provides an optimism that different people can work together to achieve something great – what great facilitation tools.”

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