Being a Facilitative Leader

Module 7

Develop yourself as a facilitative leader. Understand the leadership stances that enable the facilitative leader to unleash potential in others.

Being a Facilitative Leader explores the ‘stances’ that enable a leader to empower others. Māori perspectives in relation to each stance provide richness and depth to the learning.

Upcoming Course Dates: TBC


3 full days

Completion of ToP™ Group Facilitation Methods course here or its equivalent overseas is a prerequisite for this course

Who is the course for?

Leaders, managers, change, learning and development professionals; extension and engagement practitioners and professional facilitators: anyone needing to unleash the best from teams, groups, collaborations or partnerships.

What you can expect:

Gain an understanding of your authentic role as a leader and facilitator and the responsibility required for leading and facilitating change

Benefit from an opportunity to reflect on your own facilitation style and stance through a holistic learning experience

Leave with a plan to apply facilitative leadership stances in your ongoing practice.

This course can be offered in-house, either virtually or face-to-face.

What our clients have said

“Hugely beneficial to get Māori perspectives and introduce Māori concepts… and to explore your own style and learning how others’ leadership styles are/ can be so different.”

“Kei te koi o te wero whakohooho i te tika me te pono, kia mahi tahi ai ngā mahi whakaora i te ao, i te tangata – he mauri whakaoho.”

“Refreshed my awareness of the power of facilitative approaches. Opened up the potential of more authentic ways of being. Recharged my sense of responsibility to the world.”

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