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Facilitation Online

Facilitating online

What I’ve learned as a facilitator from ‘lockdown’​ the past two weeks.

It’s week two of lockdown here in NZ, and I have done more online facilitation in the past ten days than in the entire 25 years prior that I have worked as a professional facilitator!

To be honest, I have been pleasantly surprised how well it has gone working this way.

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Facilitating Effectively online

Facilitating effectively online


Some More Tips for Facilitating Effectively On-Line

It’s the first week of our (slightly more relaxed!) Level 3 covid-19 lockdown here in NZ. And whilst quite a few people are back at work, physical distancing and remote working / learning – and therefore virtual meetings – continues as Business As Usual for everyone else.

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The participatory approaches that underpin all services we offer are designed to enable the creative and effective input of all those involved, enabling development of robust and realistic strategies and solutions that have full ownership and commitment.