Understanding and Leading Change

Module 6

Understand the dimensions of change through a participatory lens. Develop your skills to co-create change.

Understanding and Leading Change provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the dimensions of change viewed through a participatory lens. You will explore a range of change theories and methods, reflecting both Western approaches and Te Ao Māori. Learn the skills to confidently co-create a change process with those affected by it.

Upcoming Course Dates: TBC


3 full days

Completion of ToP™ Group Facilitation Methods course here or its equivalent overseas is a prerequisite for this course

Who is the course for?

Change, learning and development professionals; extension practitioners, facilitators, leaders and managers involved in any type of change management with teams, groups or partnerships.

What you can expect:

An understanding of the major social processes/ organisation dynamics and operating cultures influencing an organisation

Confidence with practical tools to identify the status of change in an organisation or community

The know-how for designing a change intervention for an organisation, sector or group

Development as a facilitative leader in shaping change, co-creating and generating change, responding to change, and supporting people through change.

This course can be offered in-house, either virtually or face-to-face.

What our clients have said

“The Seven Systems, trans-establishment and dynamic screen. Three great models!”

“Appreciated the layers of learning, building up to a point that I could take responsibility for implementing some of the theory in a practical way.”

“It’s given me new knowledge and awareness about the dynamics of change to build into my everyday work.”

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