Principled Influencing and Negotiating

Module 5

Develop dialogue skills to bridge differences, build cooperative relationships and transform conflict in a group.

Principled Influencing and Negotiating develops your dialogue skills to enhance inter-personal engagement.

Build self-awareness to interact with others with integrity, upholding your own rangatiratanga and that of others.

Gain skills and confidence through hands-on learning to:

  • Transform conflict and address difficult situations in groups
  • Work with different needs and interests when negotiating
  • Develop agreement and commitment.

Upcoming Course Dates:

Wed 3 to Fri 5 July 2024


3 full days

Completion of ToP™ Module 1 Group Facilitation Methods course here or its equivalent overseas is a prerequisite for this course

Who is the course for?

Those seeking the ability to influence and advocate with integrity, including change practitioners, engagement specialists, learning and development staff. All facilitators seeking a ‘step change’ in their communication effectiveness will find this course helpful.

What you can expect:

Hands on practice and quality feedback in a safe, supportive setting

Greater empathy from your exploration for working with ‘difficult’ people

Confidence with a suite of useful micro-skills to enhance inter-personal engagement

This course can be offered in-house, either virtually or face-to-face.

What our clients have said

“Very valuable as it gave me a better understanding about the needs of people and that there is a lot we don’t see or hear.”

“If I can master the techniques we learned over the course, I would be a master communicator, negotiator and influencer.”

“Each aspect of the course has relevance to both work, voluntary and family situations. The value will develop as I practice, plan, implement, reflect…”

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