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What We Offer

  • We offer the following services:
  • Facilitation
  • Research/ Consultancy
  • Facilitation Training
  • Community Engagement Training
  • Public Consultation Training
  • Tailored Training Solutions



We provide independent, professional facilitation for conferences, strategic planning events, stakeholder consultation, team building, workshops and public meetings.

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Our research methods are firmly grounded in participatory processes, enabling those affected to be involved in a research project or investigation. We can apply these social research processes to ensure that all voices are heard, and to help organisations better tailor their services to their client group. Examples of how this can be applied include needs analysis and impact assessment, public engagement and consultation, effective extension and adult learning projects, development of tailored communications, resources training or other service programmes and participatory evaluation.

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​Facilitation Training

Facilitation is a key to effective meetings and events, and a key to building effective and productive groups.

We offer a high quality modularised facilitation training programme – the Technology of Participation Facilitative Leadership Programme.

The Technology of Participation (the ToP™) techniques conveyed are used in more than 30 countries world wide, and were developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

The modules progress from the fundamentals of effective facilitation, and participatory strategic planning through to understanding the underlying theory, facilitating organisational change and participatory leadership.

Public Courses Available:

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Facilitating Effective Catchment Groups Training

We offer training in effective facilitation of catchment groups. Courses focus on skills acquisition, equipping participants with the skills to effectively facilitate a group, an understanding of typical stages in the life of a catchment group, and group facilitation methods and tools appropriate for these stages in a catchment context.

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Community Engagement Training and Public Consultation Training

We offer training in planning for, establishing and maintaining effective partnerships with the community. Courses cover communication and relationship management skills, group establishment and maintenance, participatory planning and evaluation, and project management. Our public consultation courses explore participatory approaches that build constructive relationships with stakeholders, ensure stakeholder input is well informed, meet statutory requirements, and enable the development of well considered alternatives.

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Tailored Training Solutions

For our clients with specific needs we can develop tailored training packages particular to your context, your teams and your clients and stakeholders.

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Participatory Techniques Limited ​

Facilitation, Research, Consultancy  and Training

The participatory approaches that underpin all services we offer are designed to enable the creative and effective input of all those involved, enabling development of robust and realistic strategies and solutions that have full ownership and commitment.