What Participants Have Said

What participants have said about our facilitating effective catchment groups training:

Module 1, Group Facilitation Methods

The content:
“Coherent structure to gain meaningful feedback and decisions from groups.”
“Excellent means of moving participants from varying points of view to a collective practical result or goal”
“… these techniques could have streamlined so many meetings and solved problems I’ve seen through work in the past.”
“Learning about the workshop method – what comes after the brainstorming!”

The style of training:
“Extremely well structured and timed. Everyone had a chance to practice in a supportive environment.”
“Teaches very useful skills which can be applied in a range of settings and is done in a hospitable, friendly, caring way. Felt very safe.”
“Great to be run through a method and then have a chance to run a real session ourselves.”
“Really lovely atmosphere generated by peaceful venue and gorgeous people!”

The benefits and learnings:
“This training is directly relevant – I will be using the methods in upcoming meetings/ planning sessions…”
“Hugely reassuring to me as someone who will be regularly involved in facilitation work. I have a tool box and am ready to start work!”
“The strong Maori focus – I learnt lots of new kupu and ideas…”
“Huge benefit, the value is in thinking about how to make people comfortable to share about stuff that matters.”
“That there’s a clear way of doing things – it’s not just guess work to facilitate well.”

Module 2-3, Strategic Thinking and Planning:

The content:
“Great variations on brainstorming and processing/organising information. Logical sequential flow to the overall process underpinned by the dynamics within each workshop and across the whole S-P [strategic planning] cycle.”
“How to address people who are challenging the process and value them”
“Story-telling. Data gathering tools. The underlying dynamic.”

The style of training:
“Practising facilitation in supportive environment. Learning from others practising.”
“The humour, the energy, the learning process and wonderful strategic method. Great food. Wonderfully competent instructors in Helen and Michelle.”

The benefits and learnings:
“WOW! It has applications in so many facets of life. General communication, work, community etc. It provides an optimism that different people can work together to achieve something great- what a great tool to facilitate this.”
“Provides a great set of methods for strategic planning. Provided a perspective of how traditional Maori knowledge and worldview relates to strategic planning”
“A mixture of bold, visionary thinking needs to be combined with a cold hard look at the current reality to create a plan which people can feel committed to.”
“Using a focused discussion to work through an issue deepens your level of understanding”

Module 4, Working with Diverse Value Systems

The content:
“It has provided three helpful frameworks that I can use in my own self reflection, and in understanding group dynamics, around the diverse and individual ways that we as humans see and interpret the world.”

The style of training:
“The course was a good mix of theory and activities, e.g. the series of content and participant-led / facilitated review.
“The mix of different activities, styles worked well for me. Opportunities to reflect and discuss together. The humour!”

The benefits and learnings:
“The course reaffirmed many of my intentions as a facilitator. Watching/ experiencing/ hearing facilitators at work! Exposed me to new frameworks/ ways of looking at facilitation opportunities.”

Module 5, Principled Influencing and Negotiating

The content:
“Deep listening. I liked the concept and ultimately the result. Amazing!!”

The style of training:
“[I appreciated] the opportunity to try out and observe roles practical demonstrations, summarising diagrams”
“Awe inspiring, excellent complementary skills – beautiful flow and collegiality, nice mix of styles and perspectives.”
“Participating in role plays gave me new appreciation of responses of participants (from which I learnt a lot)”
“Thanks so much for your generous sharing of knowledge and constructive feedback.”

The benefits and learnings:
“I feel if I can master the techniques we learned over the course, I would be a master communicator, negotiator and influencer.”
“Each aspect of the course has relevance to both work, voluntary and family situations. The value will develop as I practice, plan, implement, reflect…”

Module 6, Understanding and Leading Change

The content:
“The Seven Systems, trans-establishment and dynamic screen. Three great models!”

The style of training:
“The layers of learning, building up to a point that I could take responsibility for implementing some of the theory in a practical way.”
“The visual references, creative drawing and image creation.”

The benefits and learnings:
“It’s given me new knowledge and awareness about the dynamics of change to build into my everyday work.”

Module 7 — Being a Facilitative Leader

Here is what some of the participants said:
“Kei te koi o te wero whakohooho i te tika me te pono, kia mahi tahi ai ngā mahi whakaora i te ao, i te tangata – he mauri whakaoho.”
“Hugely beneficial to get Māori perspectives and introduce Māori concepts… and to explore your own style and learning how others’ leadership styles are/ can be so different.”
“Refreshed my awareness of the power of facilitative approaches. Opened up the potential of more authentic ways of being. Recharged my sense of responsibility to the world.”
“Gave me new understanding of how to look at leadership and be a leader.”

What participants have said about our facilitating effective catchment groups training:

About the content:
“Brilliant – really expanded my knowledge of techniques I had had an introduction to and how to practically apply / what / where they can be used.”
“Very practical – I can see direct applicability to facilitating catchment groups.”
“Huge benefit. Great to practise techniques like ORID I had heard about but not really used, great to feel the support of others and the course inspired me to extend my facilitation practice.”
“Exposure to different methods and how they can be utilised. Having expert trainers. Having the benefit of other participants going forward as a support group.”
“Exceptionally beneficial. Not only practical tools, but a core of colleagues who I can bounce ideas off, or ask for help.”

About the leaders:
“Very engaging and committed to interacting and supporting all individuals on the course.”
“The leaders were excellent – good knowledge, clear instruction, warm and friendly.”

What participants have said about our community engagement and public consultation training:

“Fantastic training course thank you. Well run with lots of practical (and useable) examples. I’m looking forward to using the skills and tools I’ve learnt in the community and adding tips to how I already work. Thanks :)”

“It’s very rare to go to a course that is actually interesting and useful. I thought this was very good and did well with participation. It proved the methods worked, especially when we role played and tried to be very difficult, or were sceptical about whether it could really work.”

“Very interesting course. Great structured processes to follow. Lots of good techniques. * Really appreciated how we used topics relevant to our field e.g. the strategies session on 2nd day and the individual one-on-one techniques.”

“Excellent course. I appreciated the learning process. Lots of active learning took place. Lots of participation. The course processes modelled the methods we learned.”

What participants have said about our tailored training solutions:

The content:
“That there are tools available to help facilitate, run and rescue meetings and workshops.”
“Two new methods that I will use because I have a good understanding of how they work and why they should/ could be used.”

The style of training:
“For a 3 day course I was engaged and enthused throughout. I thought the structure of the course and the content was fantastic – thanks!”
“Personable tutors. Great written material and scenarios.”
“Pace, style of facilitators. Organisation was fantastic.”

The benefits and learnings:
“Hugely beneficial to me. I’ll facilitate meetings with a lot more confidence.”
“I will use ORID and workshop methods for running inter-agency event planning and catch-up meetings.”
“[I will use the methods] in management meetings – delivering seminars. In court mediation.”
“Able to properly facilitate a meeting, where that meeting would otherwise have been left to chance!”
“Hugely beneficial. Techniques for “managing-from-the-back” will be very useful.”
“It has put me on the right tracks to make better use of my time as a facilitator.”
“Feeling confident that I have a process to follow to get to results that brings everyone with me.”
“Very good tools and structure to use to get worthwhile return from meetings.”
“Invaluable. It will benefit me hugely in the work that I do, allowing me to better structure meeting and planning sessions, and to engage better with other agencies.”
“Culture changing. Has great potential to influence an organisation’s culture to the benefit of team work and [business’s core goal]”.


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