Australasian Facilitators Network – AFN

“How can the AFN develop an indigenous-informed practice?”
This was the challenge laid down by Carol Vale, an Indigenous facilitator, at the Australasian Facilitators’ Network (AFN) conference in 2014 in Alice Springs. It began a series of discussions out of which a set of questions were developed. These were introduced and reviewed at the 2015 AFN conference held at Ballina, New South Wales, and again at the 2016 AFN conference held in Whaingaroa, New Zealand. They were then published in time for the 2017 AFN conference held on the traditional lands of the Dharawal people at Stanwell Tops in New South Wales.
They are provided for the benefit of all facilitators working with and between cultures in Australia and New Zealand:

Towards an indigenous-informed facilitation practice:

Questions we can ask ourselves as facilitators working with and between cultures.

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